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Ambient Green offers a wealth of information, gathered in order to encourage and inform about sustainable practices everywhere.


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Who Can Contribute

Anyone, From Anywhere

is invited to post to Ambient Green, from the youngest junior inventor to the largest forward-thinking country. At its core, this platform will serve to encourage the sharing of progress made by all nations, and welcomes the participation of all, for all.

What to Look For

Take a look around. The next time you are walking around your city, having lunch at the corner cafe, or on the bus to work, search for the sustainable features around you.


Everywhere there are recycled structures, buildings thoughtfully designed for energy efficiency, restaurants actively minimizing their material waste, gardens engineered to capture and reuse rainwater, and countless additional efforts being taken to lessen impacts on the environment.

 Take a Picture. Share Your Find.


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How You Can Help



We welcome individuals and families to share what they are doing to make their home activities more sustainable, whether through the use of innovative recycling methods, minimization of electricity consumption, or creation of a more friendly outdoor environment for butterflies and other pollinators. Parents are highly encouraged to involve and collaborate with their children, and post any green projects or methods they have established together.







We look to professionals such as yourself to offer your particular expertise toward any relevant practices shown on this site. If you find you may contribute an informed perspective or constructive critique toward any such practice, we welcome you to add your comment, which is available to provide underneath each individual post. Progress thrives with the addition of outside and informed insight. Therefore we ask, and thank you, for your input. 





Students & Schools


All students, student-led organizations, schools, and educators are encouraged to drive progress by posting their efforts and research toward environmentally sustainable projects. From small-scale science projects to intensive graduate research, such work may serve to benefit or inspire individuals and communities all over. We look to academia and bright young minds to aid the forefront of advancements within every discipline.